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Kauai Group Surf Lessons

As one of our most popular offerings, we recommend signing up for a beginner surf lesson as early as possible as it tends to fill up quickly. Maximum 4 People at a time,

per instructor.

If you’re unsure about your level or have questions, simply reach out.

Private Surf Lesson

Learn to surf one on one! We suggest a private surf lesson for those who want a more advanced surf lesson or complete individualized attention. We also recommend a private surf lesson for surfers who want to work on their skills or for those who are hesitant beginners . 


Private Lessons


Hands-On Learning

This one on one surf lesson has been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning.

Semi Private Surf lesson 2-3 person max.

Remember you must be 8-12 years old to book a Kids Surf Lesson.

Contact us if you any questions or to ​learn more.

Kids surfing lessons Kauai
Welcome to the Famous Kauai Surf School

Are you planning on visiting the gorgeous and lively island of Kauai? Visiting Kauai is every traveler’s dream, and every year this mesmerizing place witnesses thousands of visitors flocking to Hawaii for an unforgettable summer. Hawaii's beaches have some of the best surfers worldwide and many people come to enjoy and watch their surfing talent. Even if you are not amongst those pros, you must surf at least once in your life with Kauai surf lessons.

Surf Your Heart Out In Kauai, Hawaii

When in Hawaii, how can you skip the ultimate surfing experience? Surfing on the stunning waves of Kauai beach is something you are going to cherish for a lifetime. So learn to surf your heart out on the warm waves under the perfect summer sun. But wait, do you know how to surf? If not, then do not worry; we have your back with the best Kauai surf instructors.

 Kauai surf school

Endless Summer Surf School is your one-stop shop to receive surfing lessons on Kauai. With the best instructors and best equipment in hand, we are all set to give you valuable surf lessons. We are your ultimate destination when it comes to learning surfing lessons on Kauai. 

The best Kauai surf instructors

At Endless Summer Surf School, we have a highly professional and dedicated staff with extensive surfing experience. Our instructors stay calm and patient with all their clients and try to deliver the ultimate surfing knowledge along with practice to let you ride the waves safely. 

Age Doesn’t Matter

There is no age for fun and enjoyment. You have to be young at heart to enjoy and praise all the beauty around you. Whether you are a two-year old toddler or a 75-year-old adult, we still believe you can surf. Let our instructors teach you and enjoy your surfing with full confidence.

You Only Live Once

With the hectic and chaotic of life’s routine, surfing is not only fun, but it is also relaxing and tranquil. Surfing is a fun-filled sport that lets you feel freedom and peace at the same time while riding the waves. If you don’t know how to surf, we will teach you in one of the best Kauai surf schools.


Best Kauai Surf School

Not everyone can teach a skill. It is a talent to transform something complicated into a convenient one, and at Endless Summer Surf School this is what we do. 
We make surfing easier for those who never surfed before. So, while in Kauai, Hawaii, why not indulge yourself in a lifetime experience? Choose the best Kauai surf school, and let us teach you how to ride the wild waves of Kauai, Hawaii!

Kauai Private Surf Lessons

At Endless Summer Surf School, we offer both group and private surfing lessons. If you don’t want group lessons and looking for private surfing lessons, we have your back. 
All you need is to sign up for the private lessons through our website, and our team will manage your learning accordingly. So to all the enthusiastic learners and a bit hesitant beginners, now is the chance to sign up for one-on-one surfing lessons.

Choose The Right People For The Job

Choosing the right people for the job make learning even more fun and easy. We are in this profession for a relatively long time and, thus, aware of every formality. We have all the surfing equipment so that you don’t have to search for one. 
Our instructor will recommend the right training of group and private learning lessons and meet you with the required gadgets and equipment.

Why Choose Endless Summer Surf School?

Well, here are some fantastic features that distinguish Endless Summer Surf School from the competition.

Experience & Qualification:

We are a certified surfing teaching institute that believes in service. We have with us extensive experience and thus deliver the best surfing lesson one can imagine.

Best Kauai surf instructors:

Our team of experienced and well-trained surfers takes pride in serving the clients with the best customer service. All the staff uses English as a communication language to avoid the communication barrier and maximum learning.

Affordable surfing lessons:

With Endless Summer Surf School, you do not have to worry about your budget. We are offering our teaching services at highly affordable rates. So it won't cause a strain on your wallet or disturb your vacation budget.

Your safety is our responsibility:

We have a team of highly experienced and responsible instructors who are well aware of the Kauai beach. We ensure all the safety measurements in place before initiating the surfing lesson. Moreover, we choose the right tides for maximum safety purposes. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your traveler’s bag and head straight to Kauai, Hawaii, for an unforgettable summer vacation. Let us be your partner in creating lifelong memories with your surfboard.

Meet the Owner

Best Kauai Surf Instructor

Endless Summer Surf School Kauai Owner/Instructor

Hawaiian born and raised Jamie Pacheco grew up in the oceans of Hawaii. For over 30+ years he has grown his ocean knowledge and love for the Hawaiian tradition of surfing, also competing in surfing and canoe paddling starting at a very young age.. His very first student was his daughter Eliana at the age of 4 teaching her everything he knows about the ocean and surfing.  Watching her get up on her first wave and winning her very first competition at 4 years old is what sparked his love for teaching the Hawaiian tradition of surfing. He has taught countless amounts of visitors and locals how to surf  from ages 2-75 years. After being lead surf instructor for a Kauai surf school for many years decided it was time to move on to start living his own dream of owning his own surf school  to share his passion and love for surfing.

Our Location

Poipu, Kauai

Located on the beautiful sunny south shore of Kauai. We will meet at Endless Summer Surf School next to Sea Sport Divers for check in and land lesson.

There is lots of parking the back of surf school!!

After land lesson you will drive to  Kiahuna beach and meet your surf instructor for some fun!!

   Public parking is in front of the Kiahuna Plantation Resort, or  Public parking is available at the end of Poipu Beach Road across from the Sheraton Resort.


The beaches of Poipu are known for their perfect waves.

Endless Summer Surf School


Koloa, Hi 96756

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Kauai surf school

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